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Salam Kawakibi is deputy director of the Arab Reform Initiative

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Between murder and resistance

The young men of the Lebanese “Islamic Resistance”, who today participate – based on the confirmation of their leader Hassan Nasrallah – in the Syrian massacres, are not aware of what recent history holds of shelter offered, hospitality, and the sharing of pain and dreams.

For the Syrian people, May, 2013

This deadlock blocks every attempt to implement the “responsibility to protect” peoples, a responsibility that “devolves on the international community in the framework of the UN” and that was put into force in Libya and the Ivory Coast.

What might have been: a decade of civil activism in Syria

The Syria Trust for Development was beginning to play an important role in Syria, when the Syrian uprising took place: an excerpt from a study of Syrian civil society on the eve of revolution that helps us to understand some of the deeper changes that were under way.

Radical optimism: dedicated to the soul of Choukri Belaid

Does our deep desire to attain the goals of the revolution, blind us to reality and to the process that is unfolding?

Syria: the futility of diplomacy

It seems that UN envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi is still convinced of the effectiveness of soft diplomacy and of rhetoric, in coming up with compromises to put a halt to continuing Syrian homicide.

Lessons from Egypt and Tunisia

The lessons learned from Egypt and Tunisia are that the only solution for the successful handling of transitions, away from the reproduction of authoritarian models – even those with good intentions – is a collaborative approach during the fundamental building stages, regardless of the outcome of the ballot boxes.

Getting the US elections out of proportion

On the eve of the US elections the Arab media has been full of analyses and forecasts about the consequences of the results and their potential impact on the turbulent Middle Eastern area with its conflicts, crises and revolutions.

343 Victims in Syria and 193 Victims in the United Nations

The Syrian issue was at the forefront of this year's annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly with different countries proposing a range of potential ways forward.

Lakhdar Brahimi's near impossible mission

Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi is a veteran Arab and international diplomat and one of the symbols of the traditional Algerian political structure. As the UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria he is on a near impossible mission.

Declarations and posturing while death continues unabated

The Syrian people have found themselves saturated to the point of despair with international pronouncements and strategic stances that descend upon them from every corner. The United States warns, Turkey threatens, France alerts, China invites, and Russia hints. 

Syria: the myth of partition

After being rather selective in its narratives of modern Syrian history, western coverage is now spreading plots about sectarian divisions in a future Syria that has freed itself from the grip of authoritarianism 

This is our country, and Jesus is from here

Examine the contributions of members of different religions and sects in achieving independence from the Ottoman Empire or the French mandate. Don’t use minorities to inflame feelings of insecurity in Syria 

A multi-polar cold war at the expense of Syrians

Whether they are benefiting or are being harmed by the current situation in Syria, what role do the various regional and international actors play and how do Syrians deal with them? They are fully aware that the external stances with regards to their revolution will not be the most crucial ones for them. It is important but it is not the foundation-stone.

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