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About Sameera Hafiz

Sameera Hafiz is the Director of Advocacy at the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Sameera directs the ‘Beyond Survival’ campaign to end human trafficking of domestic workers. She also oversees the policy work of ‘We Belong Together’, a campaign to mobilise women in support of reforms that recognise the needs of immigrant women. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and of the Georgetown University Law Center, Sameera began her career providing free legal services to homeless families, survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, and immigrants.

Articles by Sameera Hafiz

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Más allá de la supervivencia: lecciones aprendidas de las trabajadoras del hogar en la organización de campañas contra la trata de personas y la explotación laboral

Las campañas contra la trata de personas pueden ayudar a inclinar la balanza hacia la justicia, pero solo serán exitosas si se basan en las vivencias de las personas supervivientes y se enfocan en soluciones sistémicas. English

New report sheds light on the human trafficking of domestic workers in the United States

Data from the Beyond Survival campaign reveals that domestic workers are vulnerable to the most extreme forms of exploitation. Domestic workers around the country are organizing.

Beyond survival: lessons from domestic worker organising campaigns against human trafficking and labour exploitation

Anti-trafficking campaigns can help to tip the scales towards justice, but they will only succeed if they are grounded in the lived experiences of survivors and oriented towards systemic solutions. Español

Beyond survival: moving to end domestic labour trafficking

Ending labour trafficking requires us to elevate the voices of survivors and collaborate across state and policy lines to ensure accountability.

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