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About Sameh Habeeb

Sameh A. Habeeb is a photojournalist and founder of The Palestine Telegraph Newspaper, and a peace activist who has taken workshops on the Palestine-Israel conflict to Britain, Italy, Holland and France. Sameh has reported on the last three years of siege and the recent war in Gaza on a freelance basis for BBC, CNN, CBC, ABC, Democracy Now, Netwerk T.V. and other news outlets. He also blogs at

Articles by Sameh Habeeb

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The other Israeli war on Gaza

The drones are unmanned aerial planes controlled by central computers in Israel. Israelis use them to monitor the Gaza Strip for ‘security reasons.’

Water shortages hit Gaza under siege

Many Israeli spokespersons maintain that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and that the siege is being lifted. Facts on the ground indicate otherwise. The water crisis is a major continuation of the siege by other means.

'The London riots reminded me of Gaza'

My family thought London was the safest place we had ever lived. But rioting near our home made us feel like we were back in a war zone.

Health services in the Gaza Strip

A visit to a Gaza hospital brings home the effects of a conflict that is a relentless war of attrition

Farming in Gaza

Our Gaza correspondent goes on a visit to the countryside, to see how farmers who have survived every sort of setback are faring this summer

24 hours in Gaza

Our correspondent in the Gaza Strip invites you to spend the day with him

Struggling with Gaza power

As darkness descends on more and more parts of Gaza, and temperatures soar, another kind of darkness is creating havoc with people’s equilibrium

Tunnels of Opportunity

Our correspondent in the Gaza Strip visits a car workshop that has just got going again

Leaving Gaza

A young citizen journalist has a rare chance to leave his homeland, reduced to rubble by the Israeli army’s most recent incursion. How does he feel about this new-found freedom?

Non-violent action in Gaza

If you are a young Gazan, how do you react to siege, blockade and war? It's time to hear about the struggle to be constructive in the midst of so much hatred and destruction, and to ask how long it can survive.
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