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About Sara Silvestri

Sara Silvestri is senior lecturer in religion and politics at City University, London, and an associate with the department of politics and international studies (POLIS) and St Edmund's College, Cambridge University. She is the author of Europe's Muslim Women: beyond the burqa controversy (C Hurst, forthcoming, 2012), and has undertaken a collaborative research project on the impact of counter-terrorist policy on Irish and Muslim communities in Britain

Articles by Sara Silvestri

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Norway's atrocity: the mental tunnel

The deadly attacks in Norway are fuelling debate about multiculturalism, immigration, security and radicalisation. But more attention must also be paid to the behaviours and attitudes that underlie extreme political violence, says Sara Silvestri.

Europe's Muslims: burqa laws, women's lives

Several European states - France, Italy, Belgium and Britain among them - are involved in legal, social or political disputes over the dress-codes of Muslim women. A detailed and alert survey of the variegated experiences and attitudes involved is the best way to understand a complex issue, says Sara Silvestri.
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