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About Sasha Abramsky

Sasha Abramsky is a senior fellow for democracy at Demos, a New York City think-tank.

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This week’s editor

Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Conned: sentenced to uncitizenship

The confusion and misinformation that deprives ex-prisoners of the right to vote damages American democracy, says Sasha Abramsky.

Whose al-Qaida problem?

Much of the left’s opposition to the Iraq war and the Bush administration’s anti-terror campaigns – voiced by figures like Tariq Ali, Robert Fisk, George Galloway, Naomi Klein, and John Pilger – has blinded it to the need to engage with real problems and threats, says Sasha Abramsky.
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