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About Semanur Karaman

Semanur Karaman is a feminist activist from Turkey. She is currently the WHRD Program Coordinator at AWID, and a Thematic Advisor for  Frida: Young Feminist Fund. @sem_karaman

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Prosperando a pesar de la represión

Activistas de todo el mundo están repensando sus estrategias y fortaleciendo la colaboración entre movimientos como respuesta a la represión a nivel global. English Português

Prosperando apesar da repressão

Ativistas um pouco por todo o mundo estão a repensar as suas estratégias e a fortalecer a colaboração entre movimentos como resposta à repressão a nível global. English Español

Our movements and collective struggles thrive despite backlash

Activists across the world are re-imagining their strategies, and engaging in cross-movement collaboration, in response to a global crackdown. Español Português

Egypt: targeting Mozn harmful to MENA regional gender justice struggle

If Mozn Hassan and other activists are not able to continue their work for human rights the road towards gender equality and long-term stability in Egypt is not within reach.    

In Japan: controversial US army base sparks outrage among local population

It is time activists across the globe extended solidarity to those protesting to prevent the construction of a new military base in Okinawa, who are haunted by their memories.

Charlie Hebdo: stop pointing fingers and drop the reductive approach

It is time everyone stopped intentionally misinforming audiences with uninformed rudimentary analyses.

Turkey: tarnished democratic credentials imperil regional stability

Turkey's human rights credentials should be a foreign policy priority for everyone, not just for so-called consolidated democracies interested only in hosting Erdoğan at expensive dinner tables.

How do Turkish citizens participate in decision-making?

The Gezi Protests have shown us that the Turkish government must urgently adopt concrete mechanisms to ensure citizen participation in decision-making processes. Can the EU help?

The UK's largest Traveller community faces imminent eviction

Half of the largest Irish Traveller Community in Britain must vacate their homes by the end of this month, or face the bulldozers. The eviction is to go ahead despite UN warnings that Britain is in danger of violating her international human rights obligations
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