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About Sergei Tereshenkov

Sergei Tereshenkov is senior PR-coordinator at the secretariat of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. As a civil society figure, journalist and expert in working with Russian state institutions, he has worked with numerous publications including Russia Profile, Russky Zhurnal, Snob.Ru and RusPioner.Ru, as well as Kunst im Kontext (Germany) and (Estonia-USA). Sergei holds an MA degree in German studies, political science and public relations from the Maximilian-Ludwig University in Munich.

Articles by Sergei Tereshenkov

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Beyond Bolotnaya: the future of Russia’s civil society

Russians are increasingly aware that, instead of waiting for the state’s good graces, they need to take some matters into their own hands. Русский

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