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About Sergio Aguayo Quezada

Sergio Aguayo Quezada is professor at Mexico's Colegio de Mexico. Among his books is 1968: Los archivos de la violencia (Grijalbo/ Reforma, 1998).

Articles by Sergio Aguayo Quezada

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Mexico: living with insecurity

The Mexican state’s routine failure to guarantee the safety of citizens eclipses even the flu-virus emergency in importance, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

(This article was first published on 12 May 2009)

Mexico: a state of failure

The inability of official Mexico to counter the inexorable spread of the country's violent drug cartels poses a fundamental question, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

The next American revolution

An absorbing electoral contest in the United States may be the prelude to a transformation in the country's profile in Latin America and beyond, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

From Soweto to the Amazon

The peoples of Latin America are becoming agents of history in a transformation without precedent, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

The reconquest of America

The retreat of the United States and the arrival of new global actors announce a new era of transformation in Latin America, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

Mexico: a war dispatch

Mexican democracy is being corroded by the battle against powerful drug-cartels, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

Mexico: living with drugs

The advance of organised crime in Mexico is at last provoking a serious political response, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

Mexico: on the volcano

A triangle formed by three Mexican presidents – outgoing, impending, and presumptive – is creating a dangerous political moment, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

Mexico's democratic lifeline

Mexico's bitter, divisive election dispute prompts Sergio Aguayo Quezada to map one last route to heal wounds and save democracy.

Fraud in Mexico?

Mexico’s epic election week ends with grave doubts about the official result, reports Sergio Aguayo Quezada in Mexico City.

Mexico's turbulent election ride

Mexico's invitation to the European Union to observe its election on 2 July underlines the fragility of the country's democratic institutions, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

Mexico: a banana republic?

A law that consolidates the power of electronic media barons is part of the political manipulation underlying Mexico's election campaign, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

The Americas' new independence

Latin America's move to the left and away from the United States is only one aspect of a historic shift with profound global implications, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.

Washington vs Latin American democracy

The search for new political models is transforming Latin American politics, but George W Bush's visit to the region reveals a sclerotic United States administration that prefers hectoring to dialogue, says Sergio Aquayo Quezada. 

America's protean left: José Miguel Insulza and the OAS

Latin America's radical surge is fuelled by solidarities forged in the era of Augusto Pinochet and Henry Kissinger. The career of José Miguel Insulza, new Chilean head of the Organisation of American States, is an exemplar, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada. 

Mexican democracy in peril

A legal case against Mexico City's popular mayor could derail the country's slow march to democracy, explains Sergio Aguayo Quezada. 
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