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About Sergio Bruno

Sergio Bruno, now retired, was professor of Public Economics at the Sapienza University of Rome. His major interests are education, training and labour (he cooperated with Cedefop and other European research centers and institutions), macroeconomic dynamics, welfare theory, telecommunications, transport and industrial innovation

Articles by Sergio Bruno

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A credible platform for progressive parties in Europe

European trade unions and many progressive parties simultaneously ask for lower European budgetary constraints to counteract recession, while agreeing with austerity at home. But there's a way to resolve this contradiction – and to reverse depressive tendencies, foster growth and increase competitiveness in Europe.

Money, public debt and the Euro: defences against fragmentation

Roger Scruton (Unreal Estates) argues for a remoralised economy in response to Europe's debt crisis. But this is fully consistent with a strong defence of the Euro, of strong central action against speculators and of political reform and rejuvenation of Europe's institutions

The road to Europe: the eclipse of reason and democracy

The myths of monetary policy, the dangers of austerity, the need for a reconstruction of the real economy - these have to be understood. Also, the failure of Europe’s political vision.
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