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About Serhun Al

Serhun Al is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Izmir University of Economics, Turkey. a Ph.D. His previous commentaries have appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Articles by Serhun Al

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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is the mainsite editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The making of the modern Kurdish Middle East

Rather than a unified Kurdistan across borders, a single ethnic group with multiple sovereign territories is more likely to be the political foundation of the modern Kurdish Middle East.

Can the Kurdistan workers’ party (PKK) overcome its international image of a terrorist organisation?

In December 2014, two leading parties of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq have been removed from the United States’ terrorist organisations list. Would this be possible for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)?

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