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About Sertaç Sehlikoğlu

Sertaç Sehlikoğlu is a women's rights activist and owner of the Muslim Women in Sports blog. She is a member Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML), and is currently pursuing her PhD in social anthropology at the University of Cambridge. 


Articles by Sertaç Sehlikoğlu

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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Vaginal obsessions in Turkey: an Islamic perspective

Recent controversies over women's sexuality, abortion and reproductive rights in Turkey reveal unacceptable violations of women’s sexual privacy by male politicians, says Sertaç Sehlikoglu

Rape in Turkey: between incitement, complicity and silence

The debates triggered by a 14-fold increase in violent crimes against women in Turkey in the last seven years have pitted Islamic male scholars and journalists against Islamic women writers, reports Sertaç Sehlikoğlu
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