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About Shane Burley

Shane Burley is a journalist whose work has been featured in ThinkProgress, In These Times, Labor Notes, Make/Shift, and many other publications.  Find him at or on Twitter at @shane_burley1. Alexander Reid Ross is a journalist and researcher based in the Pacific Northwest who edited the anthology Grabbing Back: Essays Against the Global Land Grab (AK Press, 2014). He is currently a lecturer in the Geography Department at Portland State University.

Articles by Shane Burley

This week's editor


Mehmet Kurt is this week’s guest editor, introducing the theme, ‘New Turkey and Old Troubles’.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Is the new breed of white nationalists in retreat?

As the ‘alt-right’ movement breaks from President Trump, so goes its moment in the sun.

How the Alt Right is trying to create a safe space for racism on college campuses

Right-wing movements in the US are repackaging ideas from white nationalism into a new, more middle-class culture by using the strategies and language of the left (4,500 words).

Raise America inspires a new generation of organizing for low-wage workers

Labor unions are beginning to re-focus on continuous community organizing and agitation.

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