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About Shane Burley

Shane Burley is a journalist whose work has been featured in ThinkProgress, In These Times, Labor Notes, Make/Shift, and many other publications.  Find him at or on Twitter at @shane_burley1. 

Articles by Shane Burley

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Can grassroots action neutralize the growth of the white supremacist movement?

As the ‘alt-right’ moves to violence, community responses really matter.

Is the new breed of white nationalists in retreat?

As the ‘alt-right’ movement breaks from President Trump, so goes its moment in the sun.

How the Alt Right is trying to create a safe space for racism on college campuses

Right-wing movements in the US are repackaging ideas from white nationalism into a new, more middle-class culture by using the strategies and language of the left (4,500 words).

Raise America inspires a new generation of organizing for low-wage workers

Labor unions are beginning to re-focus on continuous community organizing and agitation.

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