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Shaun Lawson is an academic editor specialising in politics and international relations. Twitter: @shaunjlawson

Shaun Lawson es un editor académico especializado en política y relaciones internacionales. Twitter: @shaunjlawson. Blog

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Enough of these disgraceful slurs against Jeremy Corbyn

Even the author of the IHRA definition of anti-semitism has spoken against it.

Parálisis creciente de la izquierda en América Latina (Segunda Parte): Uruguay

La izquierda se está quedando sin ideas ni energía en América del Sur. Uruguay parece ahora embarcado en el mismo desalentador viaje emprendido por la socialdemocracia en todo el mundo. English.

The mounting paralysis of Latin America’s Left (Part II): Uruguay

The left is running out of ideas and steam in South America. Uruguay, a small country often ignored, now seems to have embarked on the same journey undertaken by social democracy worldwide. Español.

Parálisis creciente de la izquierda en América Latina (Primera parte)

Unas izquierdas latinoamericanas cada vez más exhaustas parecen atrapadas en las mismas contradicciones que han venido socavando a sus contrapartes europeas. English

The mounting paralysis of Latin America’s Left (Part 1)

An increasingly exhausted South American Left finds itself trapped between similar contradictions to those undermining its counterparts in Europe. Español.

Corbyn: (mostly) the right message, but the worst possible messenger

There is no chance – absolutely no chance on Earth – that Jeremy Corbyn will be Labour leader at the 2020 General Election. Here's why.

Just what is the point of the European Union?

By the end of 2017, the British people, denied a voice within the EU for over four decades, will decide whether the UK should remain…or leave. An opening salvo.

How to stop Boris? Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and what the left must now do

The only way parties of the left can stop Boris Johnson is by coming together and ending their internecine tribalism.

The polls (and all but one of) the forecasts WERE wrong. Ed Miliband was nowhere near becoming Prime Minister

What happened in the UK's election by someone whose prediction was more right than wrong

The polls and (most of) the forecasts are wrong. Ed Miliband will not be the next Prime Minister

Labour has not done enough to prevent the reformation of the Tory / Lib Dem coalition. 

When is a democracy not a democracy? When it’s in Britain

Democracy is supposed to protect the interests of the people. In Britain, it does the exact opposite: routinely working against the interests of the many, in favour of the few.

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