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About Shaurimoyo

The author has 40 years experience in human rights work, including 13 as Amnesty's Paris Research Officer (1978-91), six with the Ford Foundation in East & Southern Africa, several stints with UNIFEM (now UN Women), UNHCR and UNDP Somalia, as well as a short spell with HRW in Geneva and a slightly longer period as a regional human rights adviser to the British FCO.

Articles by Shaurimoyo

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The antithesis of elitism

The author refutes the charge of elitism. Such long, unpaid and mostly unsung work undertaken by local Amnesty groups was its antithesis. And then there was the start-up support for small local ngo’s drawing on international human rights law. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debates on Emerging Powers and Human Rights and Human rights: mass or elite movement?

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