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Shibley Rahman survived a coma due to meningitis in 2007. Although he became physically disabled, he then trained in both domestic and international law and business management. He is also an academic expert in frontotemporal dementia following his doctorate research at Cambridge.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A 24/7, transparent NHS – or the rise of the planet of the apps?

Is the English government's enthusiasm for health ‘apps’ and ‘data transparency’, for the benefit of patients – or markets? Or even a trojan horse for a pay-NHS?

The NHS five year forward view - a wish-list for privatisers?

NHS boss Simon Steven's NHS forward plan is an excellent piece of marketing - but a terrible piece of strategy.

Treat your own dementia, Essex patients told

As Essex council closes the only daycare centre for dementia patients in the South of the county, its councillors cause a storm by suggesting a one-day 'dementia cube' workshop is a suitable alternative.

'Doing more with less', the low paid and the unpaid

'Integrated health and social care' should mean a focus on wellbeing - not an excuse for cuts and squeezing more 'productivity' from the low paid and unpaid.

Tomorrow's world - Labour's big NHS idea?

Labour's 'big idea' on health is to merge it with social care and maybe even benefits. It calls it 'whole person care'. But has it thought through the implications?

Close smaller hospitals in haste, repent at leisure

The UK government has quietly launched an inquiry into whether the smaller half of our hospitals are 'sustainable'. Should we be worried?

Shop til you drop?

Is 'person-centred care' being muddled with individual consumerism - and why so little debate between the parties on the latest fundamental shift in our NHS?

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