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About Shilpa Kameswaran

Shilpa Kameswaran is an Indian author and the founding editor of the literary journal Urban Confustions

Articles by Shilpa Kameswaran

This week’s front page editor

Julian Richards

Julian Richards is managing editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Hoping for a middle path in the US

After all, the exaggerated chasm created between the Republicans and Democrats is a pre-election political propaganda whipped up by a few irrational melodramatic extremist troublemakers.

Occupy Wall Street: where are the migrants?

The lack of demographic diversity amongst the protestors and uncertainty about their demands make Occupy Wall Street difficult to take seriously, argues Shilpa Kameswaran from a migrant's perspective

Dealing with diversity the North-American way

Being ‘caste-blind’ in economically shining India might be a wonderful way to fight caste-demarcations in urban mega-centres. But, being ‘culture-blind’ could prove very short-sighted in the long run. A reply to Rajeev Bhargava

All stations but America: why the US can't fall in love with rail

Train tracks : flickr/jurvetson There are many reasons why Amtrak suffers from an unenviable reputation: sluggish operating speeds, expensive tickets and long journeys being among the most obvious. But just as important is the American philosophy of ‘individualism’, which has proven incompatible with the idea of nationalized transport.
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