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About Sibel Guler

Sibel Guler grew up in Dersim, a Kurdish city, and graduated from Istanbul Yildiz Technical University. She worked as a journalist at the Kurdish newspaper named Ozgur Gundem which was bombed in 1994. 72 of its journalists were killed between 1990-1995 by Turkish paramilitary forces. She was arrested in 2011 along with 34 journalists and spent two and a half years in prison. After being released from prison, she became an HDP activist and conducted campaigns for elections in Turkey. Her case is still in the court and the trial continues.

Articles by Sibel Guler

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

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Turkey: sharing what we learn through self-organisation in a war zone

An HDP activist in Istanbul talks about the recent elections, the Kurdish movement’s political strategies, and the need to organize locally in the social sphere. (Interview transcribed and translated from the Turkish).

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