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Simon Maxwell is a former Director of the Overseas Development Institute.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

We need to talk about Europe

What are the Brexit answers – and what indeed are the right questions? Anthony Barnett’s new book, ‘Lure of Greatness’ triggers a lively exchange of opinion with Simon Maxwell.

How to stop Christopher Columbus turning in his grave

The time is right for the EU to lead. No other agent in the multilateral sphere has the range of resources - financial resources, voice on trade, authority on human rights, role in foreign and security policy - available to the EU.

Latest climate signs should jolt leaders into global action

Although climate change has seemingly disappeared from the global political agenda, recent signs show we're not that far away from disaster. What will it take for our leaders to finally act?

Giant strides or fairy footsteps

How much progress can be made in tackling climate change without a global deal?

The world’s food crisis: time to move

The international response to the food crisis of 2011 is less energetic and coherent than during the last emergency, in 2008. Both economic understanding and political impetus need to be improved, says Simon Maxwell.

The politics of climate finance

A high-level international report on how financial resources can be raised to help developing countries address climate change is a disappointing and politics-free compromise. Simon Maxwell proposes a way beyond it.

Europe’s global challenge: three crucial months

The problems of global economy, climate and security are sharpening. Europe has a critical opportunity to emerge as a progressive force in tackling them, say four leading figures in the continent‘s development-policy arena: Simon Maxwell, Paul Engel, Dirk Messner & Pierre Schori.

The politics of climate change

The route to international action on climate change can’t escape from politics. But can this be understood as tough consensus-building rather than conflict-resolution, asks Simon Maxwell.

Global development: Barack Obama’s agenda

The new United States president inherits major challenges of climate change, poverty, global governance and aid policy reform. The responsibility to help meet them is on development professionals too, says Simon Maxwell.

Financing development: from Monterrey to Doha

The global summit in Doha on paying for aid and development takes place amid a worldwide economic recession. All the more reason for visionary thinking and bold action, say Alison Evans & Simon Maxwell.

A new global order: Bretton Woods II...and San Francisco II

The G20 summit in Washington must focus on an inclusive and dynamic renewal of the global development agenda - a task in which Europe has a vital role to play, say Dirk Messner & Simon Maxwell.

(This article was first published on 11 November 2008)

Development in a downturn

The global economic turmoil of 2008 could endanger progress in tackling world poverty. To avert this, a new development narrative is needed that keeps the issue alive, says Simon Maxwell of the Overseas Development Institute.

Rome’s food summit: a torch passed

The emergency conference on the world's food crisis in Rome exceeded expectations. Now it's time for July's G8 summit in Japan to show imagination by making the global economy work for aid policy, says Simon Maxwell.

The global development agenda in 2007

The challenges of poverty, aid, trade, politics and human security will make 2007 a tough year, says Simon Maxwell of the Overseas Development Institute.

Chemical warfare in the bathroom

The morning shave and hair wash was once so simple. But life for a man is getting harder… especially when you examine the shampoo bottle.

Inside the palace of glass

The international conferences of the new world order are regularly seen through the eyes of media, protestors, and spin-doctors. But what is it like to be a participant? The director of the Overseas Development Institute was in Amsterdam to discuss poverty with the World Bank. This is his witty, compelling account.
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