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About Simon McMahon

Simon McMahon is a PhD candidate in European Studies at King's College, interested in British, Spanish and Italian politics and society

Articles by Simon McMahon

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Too many immigrants, too little English?

The debate on migrant integration and English language acquisition resurfaced during Prime Minister’s Questions last Wednesday. Cameron agreed with one of his MPs that migrant parents should be responsible for ensuring that their children know English. The implication, that migrants could be blamed for not learning our language, is worrying.

As the dust settles II: what lies below the surface of the student protest?

As decision day for Higher Education draws near, it is crucial that the message of the student movement is heard and understood. Yet the intentions of the protesters are being drastically distorted by the media.

Marriage's lost benefits: tax credits and election promises

British conservatives claim that the tax system penalises marriage and that this is responsible for social break down. Simon McMahon finds the first claim fair, but the second less so
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