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About Sindre Bangstad

Sindre Bangstad is a social anthropologist and Researcher II at KIFO (Institute For Church, Religion and Worldview Research) in Oslo, Norway, and a columnist for Anthropology News. He has published widely on Muslims and Islamophobia, hate speech, racism and right-wing extremism. His publications include Anders Breivik And The Rise Of Islamophobia (Zed Books, 2014), The Politics of Mediated Presence (Scandinavian Academic Press, 2015), and Anthropology Of Our Times: An Edited Volume in Public Anthropology (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming, 2017).  

Articles by Sindre Bangstad

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Scandinavian Nazis on the march again

The past four years in Norway give the lie to Norwegian political analysts proclaiming that a populist right-wing party in power acts as a brake on rising right-wing extremism.

The lessons from Norway’s terror attack that the world failed to heed

We ignore the terrorist threat from right-wing extremism at our peril. But the main threat to democracy in our time is even more insidious.

Norway - one year after: an open wound

Populist right-wing politicians expressing extreme views on immigration, Islam and Muslims, have in general been confronted in the mediated public spheres to a much greater extent than before 22/7, as have extreme-right wingers. But how much else has moved on?

Norway: terror and Islamophobia in the mirror

As Norway ends its first month of mourning, media soundbites tell us that there is a desire to draw a line and move on. But there are lessons to be learned about the consequences of institutional ‘hate speech’ and prejudice in high places. Can Norway lead the way in learning these lessons?

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