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About Stella Rock

Stella Rock is Senior Research Fellow at Baylor University, Keston Center for Religion, Politics, and Society. Her research focuses on Russian Orthodoxy, in particular popular faith and the relationship between religious and national identity; the historiography of Russia; the relationship between religion, prejudice and conflict.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Russia’s new saints and the challenges of memory

The Soviet-era repression of Christian clerics has led to the posthumous recognition of many new Orthodox saints. But the faithful, it seems, are not interested. They still prefer the quick fix of traditional saints to these humble “new martyrs”, writes Stella Rock.

Racist Crime in Russia

A well-organised and experienced neo-Nazi network in Russia is committing increasingly violent crimes in Russia, a sobering report reveals. But attempts to prosecute the perpetrators are showing some success 

Remembering Aleksii II Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia 1990-2008

The death of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, triggered an official day of mourning across Russia. Aleksii II guided the Orthodox Church through the nation's painful transition from communism and oversaw the reunification of the Moscow Patriachate with the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Under him, the Church resumed its defining role in the nation's identity.

Following the cross: a journey with Russian pilgrims

For generation under communist rule religion was largely discouraged and heavily persecuted. But nearly twenty years after the collapse of the USSR worshippers and pilgrims are once again flocking to the country's revered shrines. Stella Rock joined Russian pilgrims in their spiritual attempt to unify and cleanse post-Soviet Russia.
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