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About Steve Hanson

Dr. Steve Hanson works as a lecturer, writer and researcher. His first book Small Towns, Austere Times, was published by Zero in 2014.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Brexit has revealed the Northern Powerhouse as a colonial enterprise

The Tories’ “Northern Powerhouse” has always relied on historical tropes about bootstrap industrialisation. But it now owes more to the Highland Clearances and Peterloo.

Hedonism and homelessness, Madchester and masculinity

The North’s rockstar-scally-addicts aren’t romantic heroes – they’re examples of commodification in action.

Manchester is not a 'radical city', Salford is - of housing, Labour, and neoliberal bastions

As the Corbynistas besiege the New Labour diehards, as in other Labour-run councils, the main battleground is housing. Meanwhile, Salford is pursuing a genuinely radical path.

The new left can be post-truth too

Badly thought through pro-Soviet posturing among the new left risks undermining the possibility of a Labour Party election victory.

The City of Blades

Is Manchester merely a playground for tired Madchester myths, property speculators and discredited Osbornomics? Or is there a chance for something more radical to emerge from the controversial Manchester International Festival?

This month in Manchester: the past is another country

The default white western view of Islam as a sealed world is wrong.

The book of fragments

As shown by Christianity itself, America is not united by any one faith. 

A manifesto for Manchester

Andy Burnham has hit the ground running with an honest campaign around housing, although some of the ghosts of New Labour remain.

False Consciousness, what's not to dislike?

The left need to face the hard truth of False Consciousness: We actually need more of what has just happened, not less. Paradoxically, the left now need to let go in order to get to grips with the new situation.

Neoliberalism is dead. Long live new liberalism!

The liberal consensus is over, says Steve Hanson. The chilling signs are everywhere as this year ends. The left must pick it up and reshape it rather than let it fall.

Constitutional unchoice in Manchester

How the choice between city devolution or evolution is false and new regional constitutions risk being simply bolted on to the existing constitutional mess.

Seeing the global in the local

Thatcher opened a new infrastructural space during her reign. Osborne is attempting the same.

Northern house power

We need a new polity of globalism, not ethnocentric regionalism.

Pomona for the people?

We should be imagining the present, not the future, in our public spaces.

The Northern Powerhouse as ‘Real Mirage’

The new maps of Britain, and how we should understand them.

Introducing our new series: the Northern Powerhouse

Welcome to the Northern Powerhouse collection of articles for openDemocracy, curated by Manchester Left Writers. Here, I want to outline what we aim to do across our pieces.

Diagnosing the daily poison

We must see the tabloid right as a target in the battle for a better society.

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