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Stewart Lansley is a research fellow at Bristol University and the author of The Cost of Inequality: Why Economic Equality is Essential for Recovery, Gibson Square, 2012.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Tackling inequality: a new role for the state

In the last thirty years, a rising share of the global economic pie has been colonised by the world’s rich. It is this concentration of income that is the real cause of the present crisis. It created the conditions for the 2008 Crash and is now driving us into an era of near-permanent slump.

How the wage squeeze fuelled the crash and threatens recovery

As part of his TUC touchstone report "Unfair to Middling: How Middle Income Britain's Shrinking Wages Fuelled the Crash and Threaten Recovery", Stewart Lansley argues that a long term wage sqeeze on lower and middle income groups has had a serious effect on the global financial crisis, and may threaten any 'green shoots' of recovery in the future
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