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About Sue Branford

Sue Branford is co-editor of Seeding and manages the publications of the agricultural-diversity NGO, Grain. She reports regularly from Latin America for the BBC and the UK Guardian.

Articles by Sue Branford

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Copenhagen: climate countdown

The United Nations climate-change summit is a vital moment in the world’s effort to avert catastrophe. openDemocracy authors reflect on what needs to happen and how much Copenhagen can achieve.

Lula's last challenge: the Amazon

Brazil's president will present a "green" face at Copenhagen's climate-change summit. But has he truly rethought his old "developmentalism", asks Sue Branford.

The G20’s missing voice

A perilous fusion of land and climate crises is at the heart of the problems consuming the planet. But the G20 summit in London won't help, says Sue Branford.

The world food summit: a lost opportunity

The Rome summit of the Food & Agriculture Organisation failed to address the roots of the current price and hunger crises. These lie in incoherent and unfair global food policies, says Sue Branford

Brazil’s Amazonian choice

The resignation of Brazil's environment minister Marina Silva reveals the balance of power within President Lula's government over policy towards the Amazon region, says Sue Branford

Brazil's historic test

The urban warfare in São Paulo between a powerful criminal gang and the city's military police is fuelled by Brazil’s vast social and racial injustices, says Sue Branford.

Colombia's other war

The United States-led campaign to destroy Colombia's coca economy includes chemical warfare against areas dominated by leftwing rebels. Sue Branford reports on the real face of "Plan Colombia". 
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