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About Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi is an analyst of Arab affairs


Articles by Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Recuperemos nuestros medios

Periódicos racistas, noticias falsas - ¿ya has tenido suficiente? openDemocracy se enfrenta a los déspotas del mundo, da voz a los más débiles y promueve un debate sensible e inteligente. Únete a nosotros hoy.

Let's take back our media

Racist newspapers, fake news – had enough? openDemocracy takes on the world’s bullies, gives voice to the powerless and hosts sensitive, intelligent debate. Join us today.

My 350 on Donald Trump: Widening the Gulf

The Gulf Arab states will welcome the end of Obama's administration. But there are no guarantees that Trump will be a better partner.

A Moroccan political template for the Arab Gulf states?

It is unfathomable to continue governing the Gulf states without some form of citizen participation in the legislature. Also, there is mounting international criticism of these Gulf states, who value their reputations greatly.

Qatar’s incomplete example

Today the Gulf States have reached a political stalemate. Political Islam, playing right into the hands of the governments, has caused damage to the cause of secular reformists throughout the region.

The new generation and the future of the broader Middle East

In the wake of the Arab uprisings some governments may have changed but the challenges remain the same. The recent rise to power of untested Islamist political parties means that they will have to tackle issues for which previous governments have failed to find solutions.

Institutionalising the Arab Gulf Governments

For the Arab States of the Gulf there are two kinds of reforms, those that are acceptable and those that are off limits. Off limit calls for reform include calling for a constitutional monarchy. Acceptable calls for reform on the other hand include advocating for women's rights and for the election of municipal councils. Is there a middle ground?

US elections and the Gulf States

Do the Gulf States expect anything at all from the next president of the US? 


The black swan of the Gulf

The military and security apparatuses of these Gulf states plays a role in keeping the peace, but the best way forward is to build a civil society that is bound by a unifying mechanism such as a functioning, representative, elected parliament.

Jassim Buhejji, a life for Bahrain

The Bahraini activist Jassim Buhejji was a quiet figure who nonetheless played a formative role in sustaining the best of his country's political traditions. Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi reflects on his legacy and pays tribute.

After 9/11: a painful lesson

The inspiring Arab protesters of 2011 bring hope that the tragic cycle of animosity opened by 9/11 can end, says Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi.

Egypt: from revolt to change

A radical overhaul of Egypt’s ruling institutions and personnel is a precondition of the freedom that its citizens want, says Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi
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