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Sunny Hundal is editor of the left-wing blog Liberal Conspiracy and other online magazines, including

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Cat Tully and Allie Bobak introduce this week's theme: Participation and foresight – putting people at the heart of the future

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Labour MPs must weaponise Hard Brexit for any chance of defeating the Tories

To have a fighting chance, Labour MPs should ignore Corbyn and go after May's Achilles heel: Remain voters.

Lord Leveson was right to ignore the internet in his report

Only one page out of two thousand was dedicated to online media in Leveson's report on the British press. The editor of the most popular left-wing blog in Britain explains why he thinks this was the right approach.

The two challenges that could make or break #occupyLondon

Will the activists who tried to occupy the London Stock exchange be part of the start of a revolutionary movement?

Media reform in the UK

In the wake of the phone hacking scandal, ourKingdom launches a joint initiative to debate the critical issues surrounding the future of the British media.

Climate Rush risk arrest on train fares protest

Direct action group Climate Rush became 'unfair fare dodgers' last Saturday, to highlight ever increasing rail fares. The line they took, from London to Canterbury, has been hit by the highest fare hike in the country, and the fifty-seven protesters drew attention to this fact by paying just £7.40 instead of the full £27.40.

42 days is dead

Sunny Hundal (London, Liberal Conspiracy): I have a strong feeling that the government’s plans to extend pre-charge detention to 42 days, which we’ve been running a campaign against, is dead in the water.

There are two reasons for my optimism.

The 42 days vote is the next big vote for the government. Having gotten a bloody nose over the 10p tax, I doubt Brown will risk another one given all the speculation around his leadership. Labour backbench ministers are looking to give Brown a bloody nose anyway and his weakened authority now makes it easier for them.

There is also a chance that New Labour will now look to appeal to its core liberal-left constituency, which has been increasingly disheartened by the party’s authoritarian tendencies of late. It has no one else to appeal to, it certainly isn’t going to appeal to Telegraph voters - why not at least the Guardian ones?

Multiculturalism and citizenship: responses to Tariq Modood

Tariq Modood’s new book and openDemocracy essay argues that a developed multiculturalism can incorporate the recent focus on Muslim experience and national identity to enrich democratic citizenship. openDemocracy writers engage with his approach.
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