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About Susana T. Fried

Susana T. Fried is a Fellow at Yale University, Global Health Justice Partnership and has published in a wide variety of publications and formats. She works on issues of sexuality, human rights, health, and gender equality. Previously, she was senior gender/HIV/ health advisor at the UNDP and has worked with the Center for Women's Global Leadership, IGLHRC, Amnesty International, WHO, and the UN OHCHR.

Susana T. Fried es miembro de la Global Health Justice Partnership (Asociación por la Justicia Sanitaria Global) de la Universidad de Yale. Trabaja en asuntos de sexualidad, derechos humanos, sanidad e igualdad de género. Anteriormente fue consejera senior de género, VIH y sanidad en el Programa de Desarrollo de las Naciones Unidas y ha trabajado con el Centro para el Liderazgo Global de la Mujer, para la Comisión Internacional Gay y Lesbiana de Derechos Humanos, Amnistía Internacional, OMS, y el Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas.

Articles by Susana T. Fried

This week’s front page editor

Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Sex work: not prohibited, not permitted

Criminalization sets a context in which the range of human rights violations experienced by sex workers is validated. Cross-movement collaboration on decriminalizing sex work is needed, now, more than ever.

Crosstalk: HIV and linking across areas of criminalisation

In a moment of global attacks on civil society, an intersectional approach linking issues across HIV, sexuality, adult consensual sex and bodily integrity is critical.  Now, more than ever.

Ending HIV: UN slogans vs the voices of civil society

Last week’s UN meeting exposed the deep divide about whether HIV responses should commit to respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights rather than blaming those who are most affected.

Ending HIV: ideology vs evidence at the UN

This week’s negotiations over the UN’s Political Declaration Ending AIDS are rife with circular debates, and sex, gender and sexuality are flashpoints of polarization. 

El confinamiento de Eva: solucionar el Ébola, el Zika y el SIDA con el cuerpo de la mujer

Hay claros paralelismos entre los tres grandes virus (Ébola, VIH y Zika) y la respuesta de la sanidad pública global y los persistentes, y muchas veces tóxicos, estereotipos de género. English

The confinement of Eve: resolving Ebola, Zika and HIV with women’s bodies?

There are parallels between three major newsworthy viruses, Ebola, HIV and Zika, in relation to the global public health response and persistent and often toxic gender stereotypes. Español

Amnesty International: should sex work be decriminalized?

As Amnesty International meets to consider a resolution that calls for the decriminalization of sex work, those in favour argue it would be a step forward for the rights of sex workers.

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