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About Susannah Sirkin

Susannah Sirkin is deputy director of Physicians for Human Rights..She has organised health and human rights investigations including documentation of genocide and systematic rape in Darfur, Sudan 

Articles by Susannah Sirkin

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Landmines data. Rape data

How many rapes are too many in war? Of course, one violent sexual attack on a woman is one too many. A single incident could be a war crime....

The mass crime of rape: ending impunity

A group of us gasped when one tiny mother of five, who looked no older than my 20-year old daughter, lamented, “When I think about my life here, I often feel I’d rather be back in the bush with the Lord’s Resistance Army, at least there I had a community". While we are making some progress in fitful efforts at prosecution, we are failing victims of rape miserably, reports Susannah Sirkin.

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