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About Susanne Kord

Susanne Kord is a Professor of German, Comparative Literature and Film Studies at University College London, a feminist, and a recovering Hollywood addict. She is the author of the book Murderesses in German Writing, and co-author with Elisabeth Krimmer of the books Contemporary Hollywood Masculinities: and Hollywood Divas, Indie Queens, and TV Heroines

Articles by Susanne Kord

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why executions were a gendered affair

Susanne Kord takes a look back at executions in eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe, arguing that ideas of the ‘meek’ v. ‘unruly’ female influenced the perception both of executions and of the crowds watching them—and wonders whether this is really a thing of the past

Co-opting Mother: America's Dads

Is American fatherhood in crisis, and can it be solved by fathers becoming more like mothers? Susanne Kord takes a snarky look at how fatherhood organisations and Hollywood movies of the 1990s did away with mothers

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