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About Susi Meret

Susi Meret is associate professor at the department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University. She is affiliated with the COMID (Centre for the Studies of Migration and Diversity) research group.

Articles by Susi Meret

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Reclaiming the right to life: hunger strikes and protests in Denmark’s deportation centres

This movement aims to make public the consequences of this politics of dehumanisation; politics that ‘kill slowly’ which are structurally produced and legitimized by law. 

Solidarity under attack

How migrant activism in Italy (and beyond) is criminalised and used as a scapegoat for failed EU migration politics.

Subverting neoliberal slavery: migrant struggles against labour exploitation in Italy

We are witnessing cumulative processes of politicization – struggles and organization involving migrant workers and activists setting out to build awareness locally, and link up globally.     

Pork meatballs: Denmark’s latest bulwark against migrants

What is behind the recent wave of nationalistic "pork politics" in Denmark?

‘We are here to stay and we won’t shut up’: Lampedusa in Hamburg’s indomitable fight for rights

For those people who stood on that thin cusp between survival and becoming a casualty of war, the consequences of those actions were of existential proportions. For most Europeans these brushes with life, death and profiteering remain largely invisible.

Between exit and voice: refugees' stories from Lampedusa to Hamburg

European politics currently serves to reinforce the ‘Fortress’, leaving refugees vulnerable and futureless, battling a system which is waging war against them. But 'Lampedusa in Hamburg' demonstrates that civil society can work effectively with migrants for their rights to a safe existence.

The racist attacks against Cécile Kyenge and the enduring myth of the ‘nice’ Italian

Italy still lacks a collective reflection on the way it has dealt with the relationship between race, gender, nation, identity and immigration, both in the present and in the past. But Cécile Kyenge, Italy's first black minister, is beginning to show the way.

Good morning, Danish citizen! You are not welcome here...

The Danish People's Party are resorting to increasingly ludicrous stunts in order to try and turn the Danish people against their immigrant population

A European Spoon River: migrants without names, without voices and without rights

As economic logic supplants all other considerations in crisis-ridden Europe, the plight of immigrants who knock on the doors of Fortress Europe becomes inextricable, often ending with tragic consequences.

Christmas trees, Islam and right wing populism: a Danish Christmas story

‘Christmas takes ages and costs a lot of money…’ goes a popular Danish Christmas carol. This year, Christmas started early and revitalized old debates about failed integration, cultural incompatibility and Islamization.

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