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About Tamasin Cave

Tamasin Cave writes about corporate lobbying and blogs at She has been a researcher with Spinwatch for a decade and is co-author with Andy Rowell of A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism and Broken Politics in Britain (Vintage, 2015). 

Articles by Tamasin Cave

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

"Deal" or "Secret Deal" – the EU-UK trade deal looks even more secretive than TTIP

While the media focus on the withdrawal deal, City lobbyists are working to set the agenda of the future EU-UK trade deal, whilst the public is kept in the dark.

Why has a Republican attack operation opened shop in the UK?

And who is paying for their services?

Former health secretary Andrew Lansley’s diaries finally released in (nearly) full

Insurers and private US healthcare giants are revealed to be amongst those on the inside track of creating huge NHS changes.

Revolving doors at the NHS’s bully-in-chief

As the NHS’s financial regulator hires a new chair, the destination of its outgoing chair is if anything more noteworthy.

Fun ways to stop corporations taking over schools

Tests and tech are being used to push privatisation into schools.

The final frontier for privatisation: schools

As in the NHS, the government’s structural changes to schools are just the start of a massive privatisation process.

Tim, Telstra, and the tech takeover of the NHS

Tim Kelsey’s legacy to the NHS isn’t just the botched project. He’s also been pushing a vision of digital salvation, that his new firm is already starting to benefit from.

Why are GPs being told to hand billions-worth of NHS decisions to private health firms and their lobbyists?

Whilst all eyes have been on the election, the government has quietly shifted into stage two of NHS privatisation, generating huge potential conflicts of interest.

The privatising cabal at the heart of our NHS

This isn't a National Health Service - or even a healthcare market. It's a cabal - and it looks something like this.

The 'ninja' NHS privatisers you've never heard of...

Meet the shadowy team at the heart of many of the most controversial NHS privatisations to date, including the Staffordshire deal leaked last week to openDemocracy.

Does Jeremy Hunt know something we don’t?

Is Hunt trying to distance himself from the amount the NHS is spending on lawyers, consultants and private healthcare companies, under his watch?

NHS England: Where's the money going?

NHS England won't publish data on where it spends its money, including to private companies. What happened to the promised transparency?

Who is behind Reform's call for NHS charges?

The private health insurance industry has been trying to get think tanks to help it make money in Britain for the last 10 years. Is today's report by Reform calling for NHS charges the result?

Lobbyists - what alcohol and gambling learned from tobacco

The Lobbying Bill being debated this week will do nothing to expose corporate lobbying. If we are going to diminish their influence in government, we need to understand their tactics better and call them out. 

More than a lobby: finance in the UK

Finance and the British state are mutually embedded to the point that it can be hard to tell where one stops and the other starts. Here, Tamasin Cave of Spinwatch gives us a brief tour of the tangled web that is public life in the UK.

What the bankers did next... a short film

Since the crash of 2008, British taxpayers have shelled out an incredible £1.2 trillion on bailing out and propping up the banks. Nearly five years on, the UK’s banking scandals seem never-ending. This Spinwatch film investigates the continuing culture of lobbying in the City. 

Bell Pottinger: Britain's latest lobbying scandal

Another month, another lobbying scandal in the UK. The last led to the resignation of the defence secretary. This one leads to the British prime minister himself.
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