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About Tani Bhargava

Tani Bhargava works with a small NGO in India that focuses on the basic needs of those who fall outside the net of large, established NGOs.

Articles by Tani Bhargava

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

United colours of the American elections - in three continents

"Many temples in South India held prayers for Obama’s victory in the 2008 elections. Haven’t heard of any this time round. Here is one from me, after four encounters on three continents."

Dirty hands

In the passing of MF Hussain, there is more to be mourned than the death of an Indian artist in exile. Nor is this terminal condition confined to India.

The Indian experience

What is the connection between elections, democracy, and the life-chances of the poor? Rajeev & Tani Bhargava draw a lesson from India in this, openDemocracy's first article, originally published on 13 May 2001.

India's new anti-Americanism

American militant foreign policy and the images of Iraqi civilian dead have tipped even India’s prosperous citizens into ferocious denunciation. Tani Bhargava takes the temperature of a significant shift in the political atmosphere.

Travelling by sun-bird: Bali in Indian sight

An Indian’s visit to Bali entailed more than the discovery of another form of Hinduism – it made her see her own homeland with fresh eyes. But after mass tourism and now the terrorist bomb, our South Asia co-columnist asks: what kind of Bali will survive?
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