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Tareq Baconi has an MPhil in international relations from the University of Cambridge and is currently completing his PhD at King's College

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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Running in Gaza

I first met Baha' when he was in London, to compete in the Olympics. Now he is desperately trying to escape the Gaza prison.

Jordan: troublesome neighbours

Whichever side of the debate one is on, it is clear that Jordan cannot afford to remain idle in the face of such an explosive environment. Jordan has often played the role of mediator, as well as host to refugees.

Jordan adapting

Jordan is perhaps less violently exposed to the regional changes taking place around it than say Lebanon. But make no mistake; regional events are already shaping Jordan’s internal affairs in a profound way.

Jordan: smoke, mirrors and election laws

‘Confusing? That’s the point! The Government has upgraded “Divide and Conquer” to “Confuse and Conquer”’.

Internet protests against rising energy prices

Jordanian citizens might have been more adaptable to understanding the rationale behind price rises if they were coupled with an effort to achieve a more transparent and just form of governance.

Jordan is simmering

The dismantling of four governments (including one which held much hope for political reform under Awn Khasawneh) has left Jordanians seething. They now view their goodwill as having been used to prolong the status quo rather than initiate political reform.

Palestinians learning lessons

What has been happening to Hamas over the past few months, and what to Mahmoud Abbas? And what is the impact of all this on the reconciliation effort?
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