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About Tareq Y Ismael

Tareq Y Ismael is professor of political science at the University of Calgary, and editor of the International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies. Among his many books are Middle East Politics Today: Government and Civil Society (University Press of Florida, 2001); (co-edited with William W Haddad) Iraq: The Human Cost of History (Pluto Press, 2003); and (with Jacqueline S Ismael), The Iraqi Predicament: People in the Quagmire of Power Politics (Pluto Press, 2004).

Articles by Tareq Y Ismael

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The architects of Iraq

The impulse that drives United States policy in Iraq is reflected in the professional character of its leading military and diplomatic figures, says Tareq Y Ismael.

Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the United States

Saudi Arabia's new diplomatic activism is a challenge to American plans in the region, says Tareq Y Ismael.

The ghost of Saddam Hussein

The hanging of Iraq's ex-dictator was an instrument of the country's new sectarian logic rather than of justice, says Tareq Y Ismael.

The Iraq Study Group report: an assessment

The Baker report's recommendations for future United States policy in Iraq cannot work while United States violence and coercion dominates so much of Iraqis' lives, says Tareq Y Ismael.
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