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About Tatiana Zhurzhenko

Tatiana Zhurzhenko is a Ukrainian political scientist and Elise Richter Fellow at the Institute of Political Science, University of Vienna

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Gleb Pavlovsky: the final act

Russian “political technologist” Gleb Pavlovsky is considered a master of political intrigue and backstage games, yet on April 27 found himself dismissed as a Kremlin advisor. His fall from grace was reportedly linked to indiscreet comments made about the 2012 presidential elections (and supposedly for making his support for Dmitry Medvedev known). A short while before his exit, Tatiana Zhurzhenko and Ivan Krastev took an interview with him, not expecting the conversation would be his last major interview as a Kremlin adviser. That context and the dialogue’s frequently candid nature make for fascinating reading.

A co-publication with Eurozine and Transit

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