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About Ted Cantle

The Cantle Report in 2001 followed disturbances in a number of English regions. In 2005, Professor Ted Cantle established the Institute of Community Cohesion (iCoCo), the UK’s leading authority on community cohesion and intercultural relations. He is the author of Interculturalism: The New Era of Cohesion and DiversityHe is currently working on a paper on trends in school integration and segregation and also on a review of community cohesion, 15 years on.

Articles by Ted Cantle

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

In a world of hate, fear and ‘alternative facts’, education really does matter

“It cannot be right, that people can grow up and go to school and hardly ever come into meaningful contact with people from other backgrounds and faiths.” David Cameron, July 2015.

Is segregation on the increase in the UK?

Can mixed communities and a shared society in the UK become recognised as a desirable objective, supported by a strategy and policy framework?

Press release: Is segregation increasing in the UK?

We hear a lot about 'choice' in education in the UK today. But what if some of our choices undermine the fabric of our modern democracies?

Prevent and anti-extremism education

In fact, the removal of the ‘duty to promote community cohesion’ in schools from the UK's Ofsted inspection regime sent a very clear signal.

Why Paris will happen again if we rely on empathy and outrage

Despite the strong support for ‘free speech ‘from politicians in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders not a single proposal has come forward. The only response has been to re-double security.

Extremism and 'Prevent': the need to trust in education

‘Prevent’ is the part of the UK government’s counter-terrorism strategy designed to respond to the ideological challenges of terrorism and extremism. Are its priorities self-defeating? There are promising alternatives.

Time to get serious about right wing extremism

Britain needs to get serious about tackling right wing extremism - and as it does so, there are lessons to learn from Wales.

Reconnecting the political class

How can the political class reconnect with voters before it becomes irrelevant? How can our institutions reform themselves to bring them closer to people? Ted Cantle has some ideas...

Statehood and the problem of flux: a case for interculturalism

While states attempt to assert their relevance in a global age through both multiculturalism and top-down nationalism, new models of identity and strategies of participation need to be developed to deal with the co-existing phenomena of national experience and cosmopolitanism. 

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