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About Thomas Fazi

Thomas Fazi is a writer, journalist and activist. He is the author of The Battle for Europe: How an Elite Hijacked a Continent – and How We Can Take It Back (Pluto, 2014) and Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World, co-authored with economist Bill Mitchell (Pluto, 2017).

Articles by Thomas Fazi

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Germany’s dystopian plans for Europe: from fantasy to reality?

For Germany, the idea of Europeanism has provided the country’s elites with the perfect alibi to conceal their hegemonic project behind the ideological veil of 'European integration'. Ελληνικά.

TTIP: we were right all along

Attacked and ridiculed, the leak of 243 pages of TTIP negotiations concerning climate, environment and public health prove that civil society organisations were right all along.

The idea you can skip the nation-state is dangerous

DiEM25, the movement to democratize the European Union, is urged to rethink its approach, taking events of the last two years properly into account. Interview.

Bleak times ahead for the European periphery

These hold grave implications for periphery countries: the unforeseen implosion of – or ‘forced exit’ from – the monetary union on one hand; endless suffering within the EMU on the other.

The problem(s) with Varoufakis’ DiEM25 manifesto

Can the EU really be democratised? A response to Varoufakis' new programme

The EU's banking union: a recipe for disaster

Almost eight years on from the 2007 crash, the European financial nightmare continues. The EU is presenting a banking union as the answer to the crisis. Is this a mistake?

El capitalismo no se reformará a sí mismo

Camaradas, no cometamos el mismo error dos veces seguidas. El cambio progresista sólo llegará como resultado de una batalla política real y tangible. La alternativa es, como siempre, la barbarie. English.

Capitalism won't reform itself

Comrades, let’s not make the same mistake twice. Let’s not fool ourselves that change will come from above, if only we state our case in a sufficiently convincing manner. Español.

The inter-capitalist nature of Europe’s crisis

Focusing on neoliberalism as the root cause of the European crisis ignores the inter-capitalist and class struggles playing out in Europe today. A reply to Protesilaos Stavrou.

The failure of mainstream European federalism

Simply stating over and over again that something – in this case a European democratic federation – is possible and desirable does not make it more likely.

Greece, the breach remains open

"Whatever SYRIZA’s failings may be, they reflect the failings of the entire European left, of each and every one of us." 

The troika saved banks and creditors – not Greece

With most of the bailout money going to banks and creditors, Greece doesn't just need debt relief, it deserves it.

TTIP: the next phase of the austerity agenda

A recent report by the Austrian Foundation for Development Research has critically assessed many of the claims about the supposed benefits of TTIP, finding them to be flawed, unrealistic and ideologically biased. Here we speak with the foundation's director, Werner Raza.

TTIP and TPP: harnessing the anger of the people

In parallel to the EU-US trade deal currently under way, the US is negotiating a similar agreement with 11 countries of the Asia Pacific: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Walden Bello, leading critic of neoliberal and corporate globalisation, identifies the global strategy underpinning the two agreements. Interview.

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