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Thomas O'Dwyer is a writer and journalist based in Israel. His website is here 

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Israel and the Arab awakening

Israel’s political class is struggling to make sense of a crumbling Arab order and the loss of the certainties it embodied, reports Thomas O’Dwyer.

Israel vs the United States: the wrong Goliath

The sudden collision between Binyamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama’s administration is reverberating across the middle east. Thomas O'Dwyer gauges the impact in Israel and talks to a senior scholar of US-Israel relations.

Israel: how things fell apart

A hollowed centre, a lost left, a resurgent right: Israel's political dynamics are clearer than its electoral arithmetic might suggest, says Thomas O'Dwyer.

Israel after Lebanon: warning siren, deaf ears

An official report scorns the Israeli military and political elite's failures in the Lebanon war of 2006. Its reception suggests that the next war may be close, reports Thomas O'Dwyer.

Israel's post-heroic disaster

The Winograd report dissects Israel's military and political failings in the Lebanon war of 2006. It also leaves the country's leaders with only one option, says Thomas O'Dwyer.

Did Hizbollah miscalculate? The view from Israel

Why did Hizbollah launch its border operation against Israel, and is the movement prepared for the consequences? Thomas O'Dwyer in Tel Aviv hears expert Israeli observers make sense of an escalating crisis.

Slouching towards Kadima

An election critical for the future of Israel finds the competing parties and blocs unable to stir the public from its astounding apathy, says Thomas O'Dwyer.
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