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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why the friend zone really blows

I think deep down my male friends just want a hug. All our masculine bravado gets in the way of forming real, deep relationships.

Washboard abs and crash diets: how the beauty industry is hurting men

We ask each other: "do you even lift, bro?" It’s about being big or being shredded. Preferably both.

New Labour is 'unelectable'

Anything other than a Jeremy Corbyn victory will signal a disaster for Labour, who will be tripping over themselves to superficially differentiate themselves from the Tories.

WTF Tony Blair?

The former British Prime Minister is parading around the world acting as a spin doctor for murderous regimes and a salesman of Saudi oil.

Four tips for would be British immigrants (and one for those who hate them)

There are some important things that people thinking about moving to Britain need to know before they come here...

Is there any hope for gender equality in football?

Too often in football, sexist remarks are dismissed as 'banter'. But in truth, the beautiful game needs to face up to the ugly reality of its sexism.

Is British football less racist now, or does it just hide its racism better?

Racism in Britain hasn't gone away, it's just been hidden better. And sometimes, it bubbles over...

Pouring cold water on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Most of ALS's funds don't go on the research they promise, that which does is just funneled to big pharma, and charity means governments get away with not taking action themselves. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is well intentioned, but that doesn't mean it's doing good.

How to be a successful 'ethnic' in Britain

Here are five simple tips for ensuring you're a good ethnic, mostly gleamed from personal experience and a close reading of the Sun.

It is easier being a straight white man

Being a straight white man is the easiest setting there is.

Taking a selfie of yourself eating a banana wont solve racism

#weareallmonkeys just allows white people to jokily dismiss their own privilege without addressing the racist power-structures which still exist in our society

Hawaii and Crimea

In 1898, Hawaii was officially annexed to the US illegally under a joint resolution of Congress, with the US using the excuse of ‘military necessity’ in the advent of the Spanish-American War.

Racism has just taken on different forms

Despite all of the claims of enthusiasm for multiculturalism, there is still an expectation that one culture will dominate others in western countries.

Pressuring FIFA

FIFA may be forced to take action as something must be done to stop the relentless targeting of Palestinian footballers in Israel.

The ignorance of the Lords on their caste legislation shows how redundant they are

A recent debate in the House of Lords on caste saw peers demonstrating a lack of understanding of key issues. What's the point in an unelected chamber if they don't even know what they are talking about?

More out of Africa

There is a current global environmental crisis and Africa is part of it. But as aggressive resource extraction ravages the African environmental landscape, can the answer to Africa’s ‘crisis’ lie within?

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