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About Tom Gaisford

Tom Gaisford is a human rights lawyer with particular experience in immigration and asylum law.  His work has been published in several national papers, including the Independent and The Tablet.

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This week's editor


Guest editor Ronan Harrington introduces this week's theme: Spirituality and Visionary Politics.

Ronan is a freelance political strategist and co-creator of Alter Ego, a gathering exploring the future of progressive politics.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Secrecy and abuse: a special relationship

Britain's participation in torture is contingent on a cloak of secrecy. Yet the UK is planning to yield more powers of confidentiality to the government. 

The Right to Help Each Other (the one they missed…)

The policy and discourse of human rights is mired in the dialectic of rights versus responsibilities. But this limited mode of thinking overlooks the synthesising power of one of our most important and uncodified freedoms: the right to cooperate.  

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