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About Tom Junes

Tom Junes is a historian and post-doctoral researcher focusing on protest movements in eastern Europe. He is a member of the Human and Social Studies Foundation Sofia and currently a visiting fellow at European University Institute in Florence, Italy. He is the author of Student Politics in Communist Poland: Generations of Consent and Dissent.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What is Russian influence, anyway?

A new book on Russia’s role in the Balkans demonstrates not just the extent of Moscow’s influence — but also its limits.

The real reason Trump went to Poland

Trump went to Poland to sell gas to its nationalist right wing government - and other big EU countries were not impressed.

Russian youths are taking to the streets, but let's not over-hype the revolt of the “Putin generation” just yet

If we're going to understand how young people in Russia are becoming more political, we need to ask the right questions before applying our own labels. 

Will Polish students step up and seize their opportunity?

Polish students have remained aloof from politics over the past years. The current political situation might bring about a change in this situation.

Bulgaria: how not to mistake Russian propaganda for Russian policy

Bulgaria’s recent presidential elections are a case study in the power of disinformation, but not in the way you think. BulgarianSerbian

Illiberalism and authoritarianism can be successfully challenged in Poland

This past week Poland's PiS government suffered its first blow since coming to power nearly a year ago. It was an optimistic note in a region where illiberalism authoritarian governments are on the rise. 

Why Poland's 'Black Protest' could be a potential game changer

With its move to change the abortion legislation, the Polish government has opened Pandora's box, the consequences of which it cannot possibly control.

Where does the key to political change lie in the post-Soviet space?

Twenty five years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the post-Soviet world is caught in authoritarian stasis. How can grassroots movements find long-term success?

The rise of 'youth nationalism' in Poland

What is causing the youth of Poland to mobilise so strongly in the name of nationalism and xenophobia?

The trap of “countering Russia”

Across eastern Europe, US engagement against Russia is having an adverse effect on grassroots protesters – and no easy solution is forthcoming.

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