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Tony Ageh has held various roles at the BBC since 2002. As Controller, Internet he was responsible for the creation and delivery of the BBC iPlayer. He is currently Controller, Archive Development, delivering the BBC’s strategy for making the programme archive more available and developing the Digital Public Space.

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Ray Filar

Ray Filar is co-editor of Transformation and a freelance journalist.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

It's more complicated than you think

The digital world is more complicated than is understood by those holding our public institutions to account. In the somewhat arcane context of the Information and Record Management Society 2013 conference, Tony Ageh gave a sense of what is really at stake in the BBC's (and our) digital future.

OurBeeb forum session 4: creativity, culture and digital public space

The final session of OurBeeb’s day-forum invited Brian Eno, Tony Ageh, Kamila Shamsie and Bill Thompson to outline their perspectives on the current and future position of the BBC in the UK’s artistic ecosystem. 

Guaranteeing access to the UK's 'collective abundance': how the BBC can lead the way in creating a Digital Public Space

A clarion call by the BBC's Controller of Archive Development, Tony Ageh, to create a new kind of commons: a digital public space, populated with unimaginable cultural riches

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