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About Tony Klug

Tony Klug has written extensively about Israeli-Palestinian issues since the early 1970s. His doctoral thesis was on the Israeli occupation of the West Bank between the wars of 1967 and 1973. For many years he was a senior official at Amnesty International, where he headed the International Development programme. Currently, he is a special advisor on the Middle East to the Oxford Research Group and serves as a consultant to the Palestine Strategy Group and the Israel Strategic Forum.

Articles by Tony Klug

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Endless strife: the Israel-Palestine conflict and the international media

Adaptation of a talk at the International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East, Vienna, hosted by the UN Special Information Programme on the Question of Palestine, 5-6 October 2017.

Antisemitism: the Middle East connection

The basis of Palestinian opposition to Israel’s actions has little to do with it being a Jewish state. Had it been a Hindu or a Buddhist state, the Palestinians would have been no less embittered. This article was a submission to the UK Parliamentary report into antisemitism emanating from the Middle East conflict, made in November 2014.

Time to end the ambiguity

Israel needs to decide, once and for all: is this an occupation or not?

Palestinian game-changer: the ultimate act of resistance

A call for political leadership.

Israel/Palestine: trapped by our own narratives?

This tragic historic clash - the product of centuries of virulent European antisemitism at home and rampant imperialism abroad, crowned by double or, in this case, treble dealings - is the root of the conflict. Almost everything else has been grafted on retrospectively.

Will the Arab Peace Initiative rescue the two-state imperative?

Once the principles of the API were elaborated, 55% of the Israelis interviewed said they would support it to some degree, a figure that climbed to 69% if Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted it and reached a final status agreement with the Arab states.

Obama in the footsteps of Sadat

The echoes are unmistakable. So if history is repeating itself – is it worse than a waste of time? Or a lot smarter than the commentators suggest?

The Saudi-Syria-Iran-Israel-Palestine nexus

The toxins of the Israel-Palestine conflict continue to spill into a region that with difficulty and with setbacks is striving to embark on a new future. 

The two-state solution: where next?

As a series of abstentions, including those of Britain, France, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, leave Palestine with eight confirmed votes in favour of UN recognition – just short of the nine needed to sway the 15-nation UN Security Council – the author argues that there is no win-lose or lose-win scenario in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Bonfire of the experts: the Arab uprisings and the Israeli-Palestinian question

We need to understand that patience on the Palestinian side has almost completely run out after many fruitless years of aimless negotiations and feeble international mediation. The Palestinians – exasperated by US reluctance or impotence - see the shelf-life of the long-running but deeply flawed peace process expiring later this year.

Israel-Palestine: a man, a plan, and an outcome

The arrival of Barack Obama creates a last chance of real progress towards resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But to take it will require decisive leadership around a coherent strategy. Tony Klug outlines the key ingredients of a plan that speaks to the moment.

Two states for two peoples: solution or illusion?

The attraction of a "one-state solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian impasse is growing in parallel with the absence of political progress in the region. All the more reason to create a solution based on reality not fantasy, says Tony Klug.

Israel-Palestine: how peace broke out

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians seems more intractable than ever on the fortieth anniversary of the six-day war. But a dynamic for peace could be released by a few simple, brave steps. Tony Klug explains how.

The West Bank and Gaza Strip: an international protectorate?

Israelis and Palestinians appear trapped in a war without end. Could a creative, international initiative help resolve their corrosive conflict? As external powers and local actors pore over the latest ‘roadmap’, an experienced analyst of the Middle East proposes an imaginative solution that offers hope to all sides.
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