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About Torgeir E. Fjærtoft

Torgeir E. Fjærtoft is a Norwegian diplomat and now a Visiting Research Fellow with the Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies at the University of Oslo. His latest posting was to Saudi Arabia, but his longest experience has been of the UN, EU / EEA and German issues. His current research project is on collective security in the Middle East.

Articles by Torgeir E. Fjærtoft

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

On the failures of western-Russia policies and what to do about them

Europe must disengage from US policy, initiating a comprehensive political process patterned on the common security tenets agreed at the 1975 Helsinki Summit, comprising the protection of individuals as citizens.

Western countries are more secure without nuclear arms

NATO’s current nuclear strategy is untenable. Crises during the Cold War reveal that nuclear strategies become dangerous exactly in the circumstances they are intended to deter, in political confrontations.

From failure to engagement: a new western strategy in the Middle East

Western strategy in the Middle East has been torn between support for brutal dictatorships, and an urge to see the region change in the western image.

Natural borders, beware a dangerous idea

Whatever borders follow the ongoing violence and war, they must under no circumstances be ‘natural’. 

When personal courage saved the world

In actual decision-making situations like the one Petrov faced on his watch at the command centre, group dynamics, not geopolitical considerations, prevail.

Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia: military postures and alternatives

The three countries, and groups within them, are locked in narratives of confrontation, victimhood and fear. At present, their narratives are incompatible and seemingly unbridgeable.  That is the real cause of the current conflicts.

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