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About Torunn Wimpelmann

Torunn Wimpelmann is a researcher at Chr Michelsen Institute in Norway. She recently completed her PhD on gender violence in Afghanistan at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.

Mohammad Jawad Shahabi is a researcher at the Research Institute for Women, Peace and Security ( RIWPS) in Afghanistan. He has a LLD from the University of Toulouse

Articles by Torunn Wimpelmann

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The anti-women gag law in Afghanistan: the pitfalls of hasty conclusions

Does the new criminal procedure code in Afghanistan signal the demise of all efforts to curb violence against women? An accurate reading of the law, and a nuanced understanding of the post-NATO developments and impact on women’s rights tells a different story.

Problematic protection: the law on Elimination of Violence against Women in Afghanistan

The attempt to get the Afghan parliament to ratify a key law on violence against women ended in a fiasco and has been angrily dismissed as the politicking of a single ambitious female politician. But the controversies around the EVAW law show that there are no perfect strategies available to women activists in Afghanistan.

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