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About Trevor Evans

Trevor Evans is professor of Monetary Theory, Monetary Policy and International Currency Relations at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy (EuroMemo) network.

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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Another road for Europe: appeal for the European elections, May 2014

Democracy is undermined at the national and has not developed at the European level. Is another road for Europe possible? Read in French; in Spanish.

Return to national currencies? Not so fast!

Oskar Lafontaine, the former Die Linke chairman and a figure of the German left, has recently called for a return to national currencies. But while frustration with the euro is widespread, his solution doesn't make sense from an economic, political or even moral point of view.

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