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About Uladzimir Arlou

Uladzimir Arlou is a Belarusian writer, poet and historian. His works have been translated into some twenty languages, making him one of the most translated Belarusian authors.

Born in 1953 in Polotsk, Arlou has built his publishing career in defiance of the Lukashenka regime, and has actively supported the democratic opposition. In 1997 he was dismissed from the state publisher Mastackaja litaratura "for publishing historical and another suspicious literature"; later, in 2007, his works were removed from the national school curiculum. In 2010, his work was recognised as he became the first European Poet of Freedom

Articles by Uladzimir Arlou

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Belarus: a European country with a European future

Despite its position out on Europe’s eastern flank, Belarus has historically and culturally been at the heart of European civilisation. Sooner or later, its time will come to rejoin the family of democratic nations, writes Uladzimir Arlou

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