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About Ulf Hedetoft

Ulf Hedetoft is Head of Department, Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagan; professor of international studies, head of the department of History, International & Social Studies at Aalborg University, and founding director of the Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark (AMID). His works include (as co-editor) The Postnational Self: Belonging and Identity (Minnesota University Press, 2002); The Global Turn: nationalist encounters with the world (Aalborg University Press, 2003); The Politics of Multiple Belonging: ethnicity and nationalism in Europe and East Asia (Ashgate, 2004); and contributions to National Identity and the Varieties of Capitalism: the Danish Experience (eds John Campbell, John A. Hall & Ove Kaj Pedersen, McGill-Queens University Press, 2006).

Articles by Ulf Hedetoft

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

How Denmark faces immigration

The dominant discourse in Denmark is nationalist, dealing with immigration in terms of cultural homogeniety. [Reposted from openDemocracy, October 2003]

Denmark's cartoon blowback

The publication of cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that has offended Muslims, cost lives and polarised emotions worldwide sprang from a particular context of Danish political and media discussion, explains Ulf Hedetoft.

The distance from domestic provocation to global outrage is short, as Denmark has found to its surprise and regret in the course of a few short weeks.

How Denmark faces immigration

In Denmark, the radical shift in recent political debate about migration and asylum is registered in language as much as in public policy. Ulf Hedetoft charts the way that a new discourse is changing the way Danes talk to each other about the strangers in their midst.
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