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About Ulrich Speck

Ulrich Speck is a foreign policy analyst and commentator based in Heidelberg, Germany. He is an associate fellow at FRIDE, a Spanish think tank.

Articles by Ulrich Speck

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Syria is our business too: why Europe must take the lead on efforts to end the civil war

Simply waiting until the fight is over looks like a realpolitik option, but it is a recipe to push Syria only further into disaster. The stalemate can last for years. Europe must act now – to prevent a humanitarian tragedy and to protect its vital interests.

Why the EU deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

The European Union's Nobel Peace Prize, which it will officially receive today, was a reminder that the EU is much more than just a market or a currency union. It is the foundation of Europe’s security, freedom, and prosperity. But this very foundation is now threatened by short-sightedness and misunderstandings.

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