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About Umut Erel

Umut Erel is a sociologist at the Open University. She has published widely on gender, migration, racism and citizenship. She is interested in creative and participatory methods and was principal investigator in the Participation Arts and Social Action in Research (PASAR) project.  

Articles by Umut Erel

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How an artist-academic collaboration worked to amplify migrant women’s voices

Artists and researchers collaborated with migrant families to address complex, politically and emotionally challenging issues in a nuanced way

Stealing stories for art: migration, voyeurism and the appropriation of injustice

In On a Wing and a Prayer, we cross London's Rotherhithe tunnel by foot, mirroring the journey of people like Abdul Haroun – arrested on arrival. Why are some rewarded for making such a journey, others incarcerated?

Bearing witness

How can the stories we tell about tragic experiences connect people and create cultures of bearing witness and responsibility rather than encouraging voyeurism or indifference?

From insecurity to insecurity: Black and Ethnic Minority Europeans in the UK

“If all the Europeans leave, who work so hard and they pay taxes, how are they going to manage to keep the benefit system in the first place?”

Migrant Mothers: creative interventions into citizenship

We can learn from the way that migrant mothers make a place for themselves and their children in a society which does not always welcome them.

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